Services - Japanese proofreading/translation

Not satisfied with a proofread, being dispatched an ‘anonymous someone’ you’re not sure about? Ask someone who you know his/her specialized field. Ask us!


We accept Japanese native proofreads of:



-powerpoint slides,


-business letters,

-letters or emails,

except for nature science and mathematics. We are specialized in social science.

Price of proofread is 3,500 yen/page.
Price of Japanese/English translation (or vice versa) is 7,000 yen/page.

* 10% VAT will be added to the total price.
**One page: A4 format (approximately 1,440 words/page in Japanese, or 400 words/page in English) by Word file.

Proofreads up to 10 pages will be returned within ca. three working days from arrival. Documents exceeding 10 pages will take longer, please check with us by email beforehand. Translations may take a few days extra, please ask by email.

How to proceed:
- Send your draft by email to:
- We will get in touch within one working day with an approximate price.
- Within two working days from our email response, we will send you back a sample of proofread/translation and an invoice. If you are content with the sample, please pay the fee in full by bank transfer to our bank account by Rakuten Bank, Tokyo.
- Upon receiving the fee and completion of proofread, we will send you back the full proofread/translation. Any follow-up questions and requests concerning the submitted draft will be answered without extra fee.

*Please send your document by email as an attached Word file, so that our corrections could be made visible. In case of powerpoints, please send both the powerpoint slide and a Word file with the contents copy-and-pasted, so that our feedbacks could be delivered faster.

**Disclaimer: responsibility of the contents of any document lies solely on the customer. We respect strict confidentiality of any document and his/her privacy throughout the service and thereafter.